Friday, May 2, 2008

Dalton and Karson

Karson and BIG brother Dalton, he takes very good care of him and can't wait til he is bigger to run and play!

Auntie and Karson

Here is my other auntie Heather, hey what's my middle name? Bet you never forget it again. HAHAHA

Auntie, Corbin and Karson

Here is Auntie Megan and cousin Corbin holding me Karson. They both think that I am pretty dang cute and Corbin loves to give me KISSES. Thanks guys for loving me so much!

Brit and Maycie

Karson's future girlfriend Maycie and Moms bestfriend Britany!! Thanks for everything and being such a great friend! We love both of you!

Sleepy heads

Daddy and Karson all worn out for the day!!

Dad, Kori and Karson

PROUD Dad and big sister Kori, she was hoping for a sister but she obviously got another brother! Kori really loves him anyway!

Doug and his master

Doug and his dog, the dog thinks he is a human most of the time. Doug doesn't seem to think he isn't a human either, OH WELL!


How funny! Here is Daxton being a nerd we got these glasses at the DI, not sure why other than for a laugh.

Karson 1month

So here is Karson at 1 month. I love this picture he was so happy maybe he knew I was taking his picture!!