Friday, January 16, 2009

A little LATE

So here is a post about our holiday. Our kids got a Wii from santa and they have loved it, Karson got some other things seeing how he can not play it YET! He got a little tikes car, sit and spin zebra and then a sports thing. We got the kids some clothes and a few things we were all sick most of the time but seemed to recover just fine but let em tell all of you it is so awful seeing your baby throw-up and dry heave.
Doug's parents took everone bowling the day after Christmas and we had lots of fun!! I am not sure how I missed some pics of people but I did and two of my own kids. Thanks and we all had fun.
Doug and Karson he loves soda but so does his daddy!

Aunt Katie and sorry I have no idea how to turn around the pics!

Now we have Uncle Russ, Grandpa J, Doug (not sure the look), and Dalton.

So here are so of them taking a break to drink some soda adn eat french fries, Mckenzie, Aunt Laynie, and Aunt Annie. (we sure did miss uncle Mike but he had to work)

Here is the side view of Aunt Ami she hates her pic taken so this is the best I could get and she is Max, Tim, and Sydney's mom

Here is Tim!

Here is Sidney and Grandma J

Uncle John,Max and their grandma from Michigan Shirley!!

Our family party and we were all stunned that Santa didn't even bother Karson let's hope it goes that smooth next year!!!!