Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nope still not walking and LIFE

Okay so I am torn I wanted Karson to be walking and then when Doug kept pushing him to I got sad and insisted that he stop. I told him he is growing up too fast adn once he starts walking that means he isn't a baby anymore right? On the other hand if he walked his clothes would stay cleaner, maybe. His knees would be black although he would be a lot faster and it si pretty cute. I don't know I guess I am justsad that my baby is growing up. I must admit though he is a big time MOMMA'S BOY and I love it. I know it can irritating at times but it is so comforting to know he loves me that much. He also really loves Dad and the rest of the family. Sorry no pics but I just wanted to let everyone know how much i love my family and the things kids do are great. I need to do betterabout remembering that they won't be little forever so I need to be enjoying and less time stressing. Which reminds I am taking a stress management class, wow I recommed it to all of you. I feel like I am learning so much, but have a ways to go I can't wait to take the next class from this same professor but it is up at Weber in Ogden and I don't want to drive that far. lol I am lazy. Much love to all of you and sorry my posts haven't been to frequent lately I am a busy girl.