Tuesday, August 26, 2008

RmR ClaSH Of tHe TitaNS!!

So after a FULL belly he did this and slept through the rest of the show it was sooo funny because people could not beleive he was sleeping through it was NOT quiet. But I am grateful he can sleep through noise it is very NICE!!!
Daxton was so funny he told Doug Thanks dad this is the best day EVER! So we will definatley be returning next year. After the next day we had to buy the winning monster trucks for the boys it was so funny they were way excited to have the winning truck.

WAY to Hungry

So here is two more of my fav boys and one of my fav GIRLS!
Papa B, Kori and Dalton

Three of my FAVORITE BOYS!!
Doug, Karson and Daxton!!

Papa B and Kori!
Karson watching the monster trucks!!
The twins watching the monster trucks!

1sT HaiRCuT!!!!

So I am very late in posting his 1st haircut that I cut on July 25. He had long hairs and short hairs and it was a mess so I buzzed it ALL off adn now it is a month later and it is growing back awesome. Also he has found a LOVE for popsicles (thanks to DADDY) he can eat one so fast it amazes me. You go!! He is all over the place and i am telling you what about a month ago he decided that he can climbstairs adn he did adn very quickly. It is so funny because once he gets up them he will yell at the top for someone to come and get him, it is almost like he knows that he will fall down and get HURT.