Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Karson is 1

Okay so my baby is one and I can not believe it. No he is not walking yet thank goodness I thought for a while I wanted him too, but I am okay with him crawling. He is a total mommy's boy, and it si BAD! For example I went with my parents and little sister to the store I was driving and my mom adn sister were in the back with him and he screamed the whole time. Then Megan tried to hold him and he was freaking out as soon as I took him he was fine. Although it is funny sometimes it sure can be a pain in the neck. Anyways he is so cute and a BIG blessing in our lives. I will post pics of the party later, just wanted to let Karson know how much we all LOVE him and wouldn't know what to do without him. I am telling you he keeps ALL of us on our feet. Back to homework and bed later.