Wednesday, July 30, 2008

High School Memories

Alright, so my high school reunion is coming up, as many of you know- you are visiting from the link on the blogsite. Hello. Nice to have you visit. Now, I have some questions for you. They will be all about me, because, this is after all, my blog.
***First off, those of you visiting- Do you remember me from high school? Did you have to pull out your yearbooks to figure out who the heck I was?
***Second- Did you even LIKE me in high school? Are you simply visiting to see how crappy my life turned out? Are you happy with what you see?
***Third- If you did know me/remember me from high school- did I turn out ANYTHING like what you thought I would- or did you even care that much?
***Forth- Again, assuming you knew/remembered me what was I like in high school from YOUR perspective?
This has always interested me. For instance, when you meet someone or know someone, you know their quirks. You know what you like or don't like about them. You can point out their faults easily. However, we don't always see those same quirks in ourselves. We don't see WE are the weird ones. So, I am giving all you visitors that liberty. Please feel free to be as honest as necessary. Please know that I am prepared for anything that you may say. If it isn't that nice please know I am okay with that. I either deserve it (it's a long time coming) or I've changed and it doesn't apply anymore anyway.
Thank you for your time- or not, it's ultimately up to you. I'll track down your links and get the answers from you later anyway. (Totally just kidding- like I have that kind of time!) But it's interesting isn't it? We probably all have similar questions- I'll answer yours if you answer mine.
Thanks again and see you soon- Jen (and Nikki I copied it from you)