Monday, June 16, 2008


So an update on Karson stil not crawling but scooting all over now I have to watch the stairs YIKES! He is also cutting four teeth at one time it is a joke and very painful for everyone involved. He has been the light in our lives and joy we all love him so much. If he is crying and I am busy there is always someone who will go and pick him up spoiled NO! I am sure before long he is going to be all over even faster. Although Korii was walking at 9mnths and Dalton at 10mnths Daxton not so much, so I am sure soon. Go, Karson!

My weekend

So as you know Kori is on a comp soccer team and so I figure to make her appreciate it more she needs to help pay for costs, So she was babysitting Heather's kids Skyler and Chloee (lexi is out of town) and then the next night Corbin Megan's son. She does a very good jobb and of course I am home in case she needs help. But she does all of the work, they love her so much and she loves the responsibility and can't wait to do it on her own (not for a while). So thanks Heather and Megan for letting her watch them.

Loving the weather

So I am a little late in posting I took my kids to the park and I walked the track my boys rode their scooters and Kori either walked or rode her skateboard. They didn't want to play on the toys so I guess next time I might as well just go to Davis High and walk their track. Then I don't have to watse gas. Any way it was lots of fun I went my sister Megan and her son and a friend of mine and her kids. Loving the weather.

Father's Day

I wanted to post on all of the dad's in my life first thanks to doug for being a great husband and father to our kids, I truly couldn't do it without you. Thanks for always putting up with my moods and supporting me in my decisions. I am so glad that we have made it through some tough times and I know that it has made us closer than before. THANK YOU! Second my Dad, for always being there and listening and giving advice even though I didn't always follow I always listened. Thanks for working hard and asking for very little in return. You are a great dad, husband to mom and grandpa to our kids. Last but not least Mike (Doug's dad) through all of the hard times, I knew you always loved all of us and wanted the best for us. You are a great Dad, husband and grandpa always up for a fun ride, I finally have the great son you raised, thanks. We love all of you and don't know what we would do without you. Happy Father's day to ALL of you!
Jen, Kori, Dalton, Daxton and Karson