Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to my boys!

Wow I can not believe that eight years ago I was having my fist c-section adn about to get double the joy, nervous, excited and scared. I am very proud of both them and the obstacles they have overcome. Dalton is so busy at trying to fix things, see how things work, always willing to help, I am very proud to have him as a son. He is also very smart and doesn't usually let things beat him but also very protective of his family and enjoys helping Doug do everything. Daxton well he doesn't take defeat very well, he can play a video game and have it figured out pretty quick, he loves to draw and create stories and I must say he is very good, he is also very cuddly still and I love that and he is more of a mommas boy than Dalton so that is GREAT. Well having twins has been one of my accomplishments in life and I am very grateful for both of them that they are healthy. I just wanted them to know how much I love them adn look up to each of them for what they do for me and this family. Eight years old is a big birthday, they will be baptised next month and they are excited. So I hope you have a faboulous day and know that Dad and I love you both very much.