Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mater and Karson

Karson and his cat Mater he loves that cat and it is SOOOO funny to watch him crawl over to him. Way to go Mater to put up with ALL of what KArson throws your way. Keep going Scooter!

Camping '08

My dad, Kori, Chloee, and Corbin, then My mom and little sister Megan, and then There is Corbin again riding the scooter and he is pretty good.

So here we are camping Doug couldn't get off work so I tookthe kids up where my parents were for the day and they had fun here are some of the pics. My friend and her kids came up too we had a blast!

Dalton, Daxton, and Isaac playing in the river, they had so much fun and hardly ever got out

My Dad and Karson

Karson and his friend Elijah, who is only a week younger than he is. They are in the play pen with toys having fun.