Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First word and does it count?

So I need some opinions Karson has started saying dadada and I am wondering if that counts for his first word.... Doesn't he have to know who it is? I think the bottom line is that I am MAD that he didn't say mamama I would repeat that to him all of the time WHY not me I am the one who takes care of him, feeds him, baths him, and whatever else he is in need of (most of the time Doug sometimes) anyways Doug insists and thinks that it is so funny. But what I think is FUNNY is when he tries to calm him and down and can't he then hands him to me and he stops almost instantly. So HAHA Doug he might say your name but LOVES me more. HAHAHA LOL!!!!!

Best Mom EVER!

So I took my kids to the free lunch and as my friend and I were loading stuff in our cars I went to get Karson out of her stroller and un did his belt and then she asked me a question so I went around the stroller forgeting that I un did his belt yeah I know STUPID! Anyways I went around to get him and as I got there he tumbled out on the grass on to his head and now he has a raspberry on his head you can't tell really in the pic but it is there. DUMB DUMB I know these things happen but it sucks when it happend to you. Moral of the story next time greab him and take him around the stroller with me. I love you Karson and I am SORRY!

Karson wondering Who?

It was so funny my parents came over last week for dinner and my dad sat behind Karson he would grab his shirt so my dad would trun around and this is what he got and then sometimes he would burst into tears and my dad would turn around and he would stop and then go back to grabbing his shirt. It was so FUNNY! THis just means that Papa works too much or that Nana spends too much. What do you think?

Dad and Mom J

Doug's parents came up on Friday and brought pizza
then Elaine his mom's new obsession metal detecting her and the boys went out back to see what they could find. Now remeber I told you the back yard needs help and this looks GOOD compared to what it was, but the front is MUCH better. But it isn't helping the grass when the kids ride the four wheeler out there, so I will be ending that. I know no fun, they will have to ride on the sidewalk. Thanks Mom and Dad J for coming out the kids loved having you come. Wondering where Kori is she is actually riding the 4 wheeler out front on the sidewalk. I will have to get pics of that and post them.

Happy Birthday MOM

So on Thursday the 19th was my mom's Birthday so I just wanted to post and tell her how much I appreciate her and look up to her. She is a wonderful mom. grandma, sister, daughter, daughter in law, and mother in law ( Doug might not always agree but most of the time) haha. She is always there for me and when I was growing up I remember thinking can't she leave me alone and let me make mistakes? But being a mother myself I know why she didn't, don't get me wrong she let me make mistakes and I suffered the consequences GOOD or BAD. But I knew no matter what she would be there for me and supporting me even if she didn't always understand or agree. I do not know what I do without YOU. I love you very much and I want you to know what your love and support mean to me. Thanks for teaching me how to be a better mom. We went to a play that my friends daughter was in the night of her B-day (thanks Dad) and then I made her dinner last night and cake. Hope your day was enjoyable. LOVE YOU!

Grandma Great

So on Friday my mom and I went to visit my grandma and clean her house for her. She always loves to see the kids. They love to go down there and play with her toys, isn't funny no matter what toys are at your grandma's house you always love to play with them and you always have a favorite. About a year and a half ago my other geandma passed away (we MISS her dearly) and ahortly after my grandpa was getting rid of some of the things and needless to say my favorite toy was in the boxes so I brought it home. We love grandma and hopes that she enjoys her clean house and hopefully soon we will go do her carpets.

Fun filled Thursday

So a little late in posting but school is kicking my butt!! Last Thursday we were at my moms and she was using her little tiller and my boys were dying to help run it (big helpers) so here they are. Go Dalton and Daxton!! But in between them running the tiller they were swimming in a small pool, playing on a slip and slide, running through a sprinkler and riding bikes scooters and whatever else they found. Needless to say they ALL love being outside.