Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crib for the first time?

Okay so I have to post this pic First of all this is Karson's first time in his crib asleep I know I just couldn't let him go. Yep that is right he has been in Doug and I's bed and WE love it. He was soooooo tired that I finally put him in his crib FEELING VERY BAD, and let him go to sleep he only cried a few minutes which was very surprising but I feel like I neg elected him. OHHHH soooo sad! Anyways Yes he is laying on an elephant who happens to be Horton (very cute he is) so I am hoping that he will now start taking naps in there and eventually at night (if I can handle it, it is killing me now that he is in his crib.) Yes I am a worrier. How cute is he? the cutest.

So needless to say ROUGH day for both mom and Karson. Some of you are wondering WHY well here's the deal I did it with Kori cause a lot of the time it was just her and I so no big deal then came the twins and there was NO way two in my bed at night they had each other to sleep with, then KArson and when we first brought him home the heater in the house wasn't working and it was October so not to cold but cold enough. and then it has just been habit. I have tried a few times at night but I can't SLEEP and Doug has a hard time too well also Karson he cried the other night for 15 min and I finally went and got him and he was happy and mom. he fell asleep right away on my shoulder. Yep LOVES his MOM!

Shopping cart cover

Wondering if anyone has a shopping cart cover they are wanting to get rid I would love it Karson can sit in a cart but YUCKY! So I need one and have been looking so Here I am I don't care what type just the one that covers all of the cart. Thanks. (here is what I am talking about.)