Saturday, August 30, 2008

Two names you go by:
1. Mom
2. Jen
Two things you are wearing right now:
1. T-shirt
2. Doug's basketball shorts
Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. My homework to be DONE
Two people who will most likely send this back:
1. Brit
2. Lilly
Two things you did last night:
1. Cleaned Carpets
2. Tried to sleep
Two things you ate today:
1. Frosted shredded wheat
2. nothing just woke up not to long ago
Two People you just spoke with:
1. Doug
2. My boys
Two things you're doing tomorrow:
1. Going to Church
Two longest car rides:
1. From Layton to California
2. From Layton to St. George
Two favorite beverages:
1. water
2. Caffeine free Pepsi


Friday, August 29, 2008

LiTtLE laTe BuT DoNE!

So we finally were able to bless
Karson yeah I know he was 10 months
old but there were reasons why we
waited anyways, we did it at OUR
house and all of our families were
there except John and Ami and there
cute kids.(we MISS you) I now know
why you do it when they are babies
and like to sleep he screamed through the
whole thing but at least it is done. Also a
nice to have a mother in law that talented and
willing to do it. Thanks to everyone who helped
it turned out great!

Papa B and Karson isn't he HAPPY!
He really likes his MOM!

Grandpa J, and Karson

Papa J, Daddy, Karson, and Grandpa J

Doug and Karson
First Counselor, Papa B, and Uncle Mike
Uncle Eric, Dalton, Aunt Katie,
Aunt Annie, Tyler, Uncle Tom, Tanner,
and Nana B

Mckenzie, Nana J, Annie, Grandma Great,
Daxton, Megan, and Eric.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My new sweet baby - Baby J!

What do you think about my little new baby Baby J? - What will your baby look like?
HMMM this looks nothing like my babies, you are all asking are you sure Doug is the Daddy and I think (lol) yes I am sure no milk or mailman for me Just DOUG. Well I guess the thought of seeing if this really would of been close but definately NOT!!!!


Lexi holding the baby!
She would do ANYTHING to have a sister!
UMMM me not so much! LOL Like her
black eye yep that is a result from her
B-day party!

How cute is she? And she was three
weeks early, both are doing GREAT!
My friend Mandy and her baby girl
Jordyn! CONGRATS!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

RmR ClaSH Of tHe TitaNS!!

So after a FULL belly he did this and slept through the rest of the show it was sooo funny because people could not beleive he was sleeping through it was NOT quiet. But I am grateful he can sleep through noise it is very NICE!!!
Daxton was so funny he told Doug Thanks dad this is the best day EVER! So we will definatley be returning next year. After the next day we had to buy the winning monster trucks for the boys it was so funny they were way excited to have the winning truck.

WAY to Hungry

So here is two more of my fav boys and one of my fav GIRLS!
Papa B, Kori and Dalton

Three of my FAVORITE BOYS!!
Doug, Karson and Daxton!!

Papa B and Kori!
Karson watching the monster trucks!!
The twins watching the monster trucks!

1sT HaiRCuT!!!!

So I am very late in posting his 1st haircut that I cut on July 25. He had long hairs and short hairs and it was a mess so I buzzed it ALL off adn now it is a month later and it is growing back awesome. Also he has found a LOVE for popsicles (thanks to DADDY) he can eat one so fast it amazes me. You go!! He is all over the place and i am telling you what about a month ago he decided that he can climbstairs adn he did adn very quickly. It is so funny because once he gets up them he will yell at the top for someone to come and get him, it is almost like he knows that he will fall down and get HURT.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

MaRriAgE Tag!

So one of my friends tagged me...I guess I'll do it!

What is your husbands name? Doug
•What is your full maiden name? Jennifer Burkett
•How long have you been together? 13 1/2 years
•How long did you date? 5 1/2 years
•How old is he? 30
•Who said I love you first? Doug
•Who is taller? Doug
•Who sings better? Niether I only sing to my kids in the car or at home and he hardly ever sings, my kids asked if I was going to try out for idol haha love KIDS
•Who is smarter? Doug for books and remembering and ME common sense ALL the way
•Whose temper is worse? Mine for sure!
•Who does the laundry? I do but I am horrible at folding it
•Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Doug
•Who pays the bills? Me with his money haha
•Who mows the lawn? Doug or the boys definately not ME
•Who does the dishes? Me but will also if aI haven't
•Who cooks dinner? I do except spagetti which Doug does
•Who drives when you are together? Doug doesbut sometimes me
•Who is more stubborn? I like to say Doug but it has to be Me dang it!
•Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Doug I hardley ever do even when I am which is RARE HAHA thank goodness for a very forgiving Husband on this one
•Who kissed who first? Doug and i wasn't ready for it
•Who proposed? He did!
•Who is more sensitive? UMMMM I am not sure I am but Doug can be as well
•Who has more friends? We have about the same amount.
•Who wears the pants in the family? Ummmmmmmm, me? FOR SURE
•How many kids do you want to have? Well we ahve Four now and it is good just waiting the confirmation that is all that is up there waiting for us!
Now I tag you....whoever reads it!!!

Taste of home

So here is to any of you who want to go this is so fun and would love to have any of you come and go. My friend Brit is going and posted this on her blog so I am copying her: it is on Sep 23 in Ogden so lets ALL go and have a blast!! Leave me a comment and we can plan a GIRLS night OUT!!! See ya all there!

Monday, August 4, 2008

KaYsViLLe FArmeR'S MarKET!

Come to the KAYSVILLE FARMER's MARKET!!! Looking for all things homegrown or handmade? Wanting to support local farmers and original craftsman (homemade soaps and scrubs, jewelry, home decor, darling handbags, girls hair and wardrobe accesories, etc)? Wanting a fun and different thing to do with the family?Every Thursday through October 2, from 5-8 p.m. 920 S 50 W, Kaysville, UT (sponsored by the USU Botanical Gardens)

I have a friend who has a booth and really cute things here is a direct link to her website but go and check it out!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

ABC's about ME

Thanks NIK!

A. Attached or Single - Attached
B. Best Friend – My husband/my mom
C. Cake or Pie – Cake- Homemade french vanilla and milk chocolate frosting YUMYUM
D. Day –Saturdays- sleep in adn don't have to get kids ready for school and now Doug is off
E. Essential Item(s) – jeans, flipflops, makeup, sunglasses,and of course chocolate
F. Favorite Color – GREEN
G. Gummy bear or Worms – worms all the way
H. Hometown -Layton
I. Indulgences – what are these? Buying my kids stuff...?
J. January or July –July. I love the 4th! But hate the heat and snow hmmmm
K. Kids – Most amazing things! The most wonderful and most scary experiences come from having children.
L. Life is incomplete without – My family
M. Marriage Date – June 29, 2000
N. Number of siblings – three- all sister. Making me the middle child
O. Oranges or Apples – oranges
P. Phobias or Fears – My kids hurting or dying
Q. Quote – He never said it would be easy he only said it would be worth it
R. Reason to Smile – My babies, my handsome, hard-working husband, my home
S. Season -Spring love new blooming flowers and baby animals
T. Tag – Brit, Lilly, Misty, Annie, Natalie (yes both of you), Katie, Jana, Amy and everyone else reading this.
U. Unknown fact about me – I'm addicted to my computer
V. Vegan or Opressor of Animals – Well I guess if you put it that way animals
W. Worst Habit – Always on the computer
X. X-rays or Ultrasounds – Ultra sounds. Usually they are followed by exciting news!
Y. Your favorite food –Mexican or roast and potatoes
Z. Zodiac Sign – Taurus