Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Best present ever

So we did get a new puppy and I had to clean everything I wanted to wait the incubation period just to be safe and it has now been 12 days so I think we are in the clearing. Here she is and yes I named the new puppy Lilly too I really wanted a dog named Lilly so she is our new baby girl!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crazy little man

So we got him this for his birthday asn he loves it I put it in our toy room and I couldn't believe when Doug adn the kids told me he goes down head first what a crazy little man, Boy am I in trouble with this one he reminds me a lot of Daxton he was also pretty crazy and still is. I remember my mom saying I wouldn't be surprised if you find him on top of your fridge one day, because Daxton was a climber well folks I never did find him on topof the fridge just counters and table. He is by far my most adventerous kid and daring in fact I am always telling him to be careful or no you are going to get hurt things like that. Well here is some pics of KArson trying to climb up the slide and he did in fact succeed.


LAST CHANCE! to see my boys in action Saturday they play their last game of basketball and they are better than they were last year adn are so fun to watch play Daxton has a lot of fun and they both love basketball, in fact I got thema double shot basketball hoop at the DI and they love to play it well everyone does I just can't shoot. If you want to see them in action just give me a call. DAXTON is #4 and Dalton is in the pic that is dark I am not sure why it is so dark.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Give a gift of giving!

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sad Day

So I adopted a black lab puppy on Wed of last week and by saturday hse was a sick little dog. But I thought it was because of changing her food so I let it go but then by Mon she was sick so I took her into the vet and she was positive for parvo so now my house is the haz mat place while I am killing this awful deadly virus for dogs, well needless to say she passed away this morning. I was all about rescuing a dog and now not so sure. Well she was the sweetest dog for the short time we had her. So between the cost of all her things and adoption fees she has ended up being an expensive deal. Oh and not to mention it was part of the x-mas present. Sad day but hopefully all that we do will protect everything for a new dog.