Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Field trip to the Zoo

So I went on the field trip with the twins today and their 1st grade class. It was fun and very exciting and not to hot so we survived, although the bus ride home was hot. Daxton's favortie part was going in the store and buying something, go figure!

Shorts for Karson

First time in shorts, and I also wanted to mow the lawn because he hates being inside so I strapped him on the front of me and we mowed the lawn. But isn't this just such a cute picture!!!!

Dalton and Karson

Here is Dalton and Karson they all love to be outside and so

Dalton wanted to push Karson in the swing he really does take very good care of him.

Black mail photos

What a bunch of crazy kids. Kori had convinced all of them to dress up in her dance clothes and then they were dancing around. I just had to grab my camera for this one. Way to go Kori!

Twins 7th B-day

This is the twins Birthday and all they wanted was to go to Chuck E Cheese. They had lots of fun. We bought so many tokens that by 9:00 I was just telling them to spend them fast. Happy birthday boys. WOW 7 where does the time go.

World's greatest mom!

Karson's first black eye from rolling off mom and dad's bed. My sister put me to close to the edge and I wanted off so what better way than to roll, except I caught the edge of my mom's dresser. OUCH it hurt and I cried alot. My dad likes to call me Rocky or Tough guy. But my mom and sister felt really bad.