Monday, November 24, 2008


I almost can not believe that he did it, Dalton was sitting on the couch and he was holding on to the coffee table and took two steps it was amazing then he walked to Doug about four steps and then decided he had enough. I even tried coaxing him with an oreo but didn't care, he got it anyway! It is a bittersweet day and moment, it just means my baby is growing up too fast, and I am getting OLDER. What's a mom to do? Don't get me wrong I am very happy that he is walking for him but it means more messes for me and then he gets much faster. I love my kids, but also wish they would stay little, before long no one will be home and then I will be sad hopefully they will all stick around close by. Well gotta go and catch the small one, LOL.


So I know that I have created a Monster, yes a chocolate lover, I made chocolate chip pancakes and gave hime some and this was the end result. All over him adn he loved every minute of it I guess it all started when I was pregnant and continued after, although I never gave it to him in a hand held form til he was almost or was a year, but I ate it alot when I was nursing, at first he got a little upset but honestly ladies it is good right and I couldn't resist. Don't leave out M&M's around when he is in the room otherwise he has to have them. He is just TOO CUTE.


We all went out to Doug's parents house to do our Thanksgiving this weekend adn had LOTS of FUN. We rode go-carts, motorcycles, played in sand and slide. Karson was just dying to drive the go-cart, so I did it and it was a little tricky but we had fun he was NOT happy when I was freezing cold and decided that we needed to go in the house to get warm. Thanks Mom and Dad J we always have a blast when we come out there to play.