Thursday, July 3, 2008


So here's what we did yesterday: Doug crashed his motorcycle and here is the war wounds he is VERY LUCKY that it was only this. It could've been A LOT worse. Hey DUMB Head wear a helmet. His bike is fine and so now we are selling it I have enough with the stupid thing. Anyways Karson has mastered the straw adn figures that when he drinks from a starw then it is GOOOOOD STUFF!!!! It is so funny, he won't drink from a sippy cup but a straw water bottle and cup if I help him. HMMMM thinks he already big, it is going by to quickly. Hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth and SAFE.

Happy Birthday BRIT!!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that it is Brit's Birthday! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. You are a great friend, I hate that you moved and we can't have the late night hang outs in front of the town homes. Needless to say I miss you adn love you hope you had a fun day. I owe you lunch.