Saturday, August 2, 2008

ABC's about ME

Thanks NIK!

A. Attached or Single - Attached
B. Best Friend – My husband/my mom
C. Cake or Pie – Cake- Homemade french vanilla and milk chocolate frosting YUMYUM
D. Day –Saturdays- sleep in adn don't have to get kids ready for school and now Doug is off
E. Essential Item(s) – jeans, flipflops, makeup, sunglasses,and of course chocolate
F. Favorite Color – GREEN
G. Gummy bear or Worms – worms all the way
H. Hometown -Layton
I. Indulgences – what are these? Buying my kids stuff...?
J. January or July –July. I love the 4th! But hate the heat and snow hmmmm
K. Kids – Most amazing things! The most wonderful and most scary experiences come from having children.
L. Life is incomplete without – My family
M. Marriage Date – June 29, 2000
N. Number of siblings – three- all sister. Making me the middle child
O. Oranges or Apples – oranges
P. Phobias or Fears – My kids hurting or dying
Q. Quote – He never said it would be easy he only said it would be worth it
R. Reason to Smile – My babies, my handsome, hard-working husband, my home
S. Season -Spring love new blooming flowers and baby animals
T. Tag – Brit, Lilly, Misty, Annie, Natalie (yes both of you), Katie, Jana, Amy and everyone else reading this.
U. Unknown fact about me – I'm addicted to my computer
V. Vegan or Opressor of Animals – Well I guess if you put it that way animals
W. Worst Habit – Always on the computer
X. X-rays or Ultrasounds – Ultra sounds. Usually they are followed by exciting news!
Y. Your favorite food –Mexican or roast and potatoes
Z. Zodiac Sign – Taurus