Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy FOURTH of JULY!!!!

So here is a couple of pics of the kids when we were at the parade. Aren't they the cutest kids, I am a little biased. They always have so much fun at the parade and catch candy and whatever else they are throwing. I love the fourth but I hate the fact that summer is almost half over can you believe that. Well at least it was as hot as it has been in the past. The breeze was good and I got a spot under a tree. GO JEN!! I know I rock!! LOL Happy 4th and thanks to all of those serving in the military to fight for our freedom and their families we all love and thank you!


Let me just say how MAD i am I changed my background and all of my side bar erased. I have worked SOOOOO hard on this blog and I am very frustrated is there an easier way to get all of that back does anyone know. Just wanted to vent a little so thanks to all of those who are listening.