Friday, March 20, 2009

New posts

Sorry for all of the posts but I needed to catch up.

New bed and a Big Boy

So I have wanted to get a him a new bed hoping that he would sleep in it and not in our bed anymore he took a nap in it and he loves to play in it anyways a lady on KSL had this bed so cute and so I called her and got it for $30.00 yeah me, but I hjad to scrub it clean it was pretty dirty and had crayon on it but doesn't it look good you can not even tell it is used well maybe a little but I am so excited, wish me luck for tonight.

Disney on Ice

So my mom decided to take the kids to Disney on ice adn My sisters decided that they also wanted to go and take their hubby's well as it turned out niether one of them ended up not being able to go so I got to go and one of Lexi's friend, I can not say thank you enough.

All the kids they were so excited to go, lots of fun!

Here is my kids at the show and Karson was very good throughout the show.

We had so much fun, thanks mom and Megan.

Karson and Chloee at disney on ice after they got their gifts that cost a fortune.

I am telling you he is crazy!


First of all we did this a while ago and it was so much fun. The kids all took a friend so there was 9 of us sledding well Kori's friend cut her finger not sure how and then both of the boys friends ended up in the river. There was mud everywhere but it wasn't like a flowing river just a little water at a stand still if anyone has ever gone to happy hollow in Kaysville you may know what I am talking about. Also one of their friends went off this jump that daxton had gone off at least 10 times prior to it and I was getting ready to and he hurt his back, I felt so bad and we haven't been since, yes he ended up being okay but was sore for a while.

Tub time

So I found a blog who was going to put pics up in their bathroom of their kids in the tub. I decided to copy this idea seeming how I will never find anything else to go with my decor what do you think?

So cute!!!!


So me and Mandy decided to attempt bread making adn here is what we ended up the 2nd time the 1st not so good but I am pretty pround adn it was very good. I must say I can eat homemade wheat bread.