Sunday, January 18, 2009


Just another little Christmas present he got and loves it too. He sits and spins on it and it sings and makes lots of noise I am so happy that he loves it too.

Just to let everyone know that our little dog who hates little kids loves Karson or at least tolerates him for the safety of his life (lol) Karson got this car for christmas and loves it I don't thinkI will be able to put it outside when spring comes but thats okay, anyways he was giving him and ride and he thought it was too funny!!

So the other night I was working on homework adn Doug was putting a new window I think not quite sure now, adn when he came in the house we went to bed adn found this how cute!!!

Here is Karson trying to get in between the dog's they were playing and obviously he was having a great time too. So I know that most of you would think how gross adn are you serious but Karson loves to kiss the dogs and of course they lick him right back I think it is gross but cute at the same time, but hey they say a dog's mouth is the cleanest. I don't agree with that but it sure makes me feel better when they are licking my baby!