Saturday, May 3, 2008

New York

Here is Doug and I in New York at the Montel show (lots of fun). What an experience to go there, I am glad we did and Montel gave us some great advice and an extra night and we were able to go to Phantom of the Opera. Some people thought we were crazy for going but we enjoyed the advice adn vacation away.

Halloween '07

Here is the kids on Halloween I found this costume for Karson and had to get it even though he only wore it for about 15 min.

Camping '06

So here is some off camping pics we love to camp and the kids love to play in the river. And yes that is one of our cats and yes we took them camping they liked it and it was fun for the kids.

Last 10 Years

So a little as to what I have been doing the last ten years. Well I had Our daughter Kori in August of 1998 and was working as a waitress at Golden Corral and did it for a while part time after I had her and then went and was a manager for Blockbuster video. Doug and I FINALLY got married in June 2000 and I then got pregnant with our twin boys Dalton and Daxton, yep on the honeymoon. I had them in Feb 2001. I then quit blockbuster and just worked nights at Golden Corral until I quit a few years later and went to work for the Davis School District as a teachers assistant in a resource classroom at Sandsprings Elemantary and loved it but it was only part time and then got a job in a Learning Center at North Layton Junior High and loved it as well and then found out that I was expecting our 4th child and decided that working was to much work. I did get a scholarship through the district before quiting (thanks LuDean) and have kept that. I gave birth to yet another little boy Karson. I am currently a stay at home mom and going to Weber State to get my degree in Elem Ed and a Dual in Special Ed. Although it is crazy very rewarding. We also just bought our first home in Kaysville and love it. It is amazing what it does to the stress level to have room. Doug is a mechanic and loves it even though he works long hours and is starting his own business. Our house needs some TLC in the yard so we have our work cut out for us.

Kori's 9th B-day

Here is Kori on her 9th birthday party we had a High school musical party cause the 2nd movie came out and then I painted all of the girls finger and toenails and ate JUNKFOOD! Keep on singing girls!!

Karon 3 months

Here I am again thinking I am a big BOY and very relaxed. Life is good! Sleep and eat what could be better!!

Karon's saucer

This is my most favorite toy ever I have so many things to do, it keeps me busy for a very long time! I am the world's best baby, my mom is very lucky!!

Karson and Nana B

Here is Nana Burkett checking out my feet and I am holding still as a bug. She really likes me a lot and I am the smallest favorite so far!

Newest Jorgensen

So this is Karson Douglas Jorgensen. He is our BIGGEST baby he weighed in at 8lbs 0 oz and was 20 1/2 in in length and born on Oct 1, 2007.