Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mandy!!!! late but worth it

Happy birthday to you and thanks for being such a good friend. I really do love you and hope that you know how much I really do treasure our freindship. Much love to you BABY!!!!

Just a little nose shot liking that!!!

I have no idea how to turn the pic so sorry. But since her husband was working she decided to spend New years eve with ME!!! So I made her dinner and it was YUMMY and I had lots of snacks and my sis in law gave her a haircut and it is way cute THANKS Laynie!!! I also made her dessert then next day yep she came over on her birthday which is the 1st of Jan also and she got homemade pumpkin cookies, adn a triple layer pumpkin pie.

Here is the birthday girl looking SO PRETTY, with her best face on. (I may die for this but I have much love for you)

We were just wrestling around and the kids got the cameras and here is what we ended up.