Wednesday, July 30, 2008

High School Memories

Alright, so my high school reunion is coming up, as many of you know- you are visiting from the link on the blogsite. Hello. Nice to have you visit. Now, I have some questions for you. They will be all about me, because, this is after all, my blog.
***First off, those of you visiting- Do you remember me from high school? Did you have to pull out your yearbooks to figure out who the heck I was?
***Second- Did you even LIKE me in high school? Are you simply visiting to see how crappy my life turned out? Are you happy with what you see?
***Third- If you did know me/remember me from high school- did I turn out ANYTHING like what you thought I would- or did you even care that much?
***Forth- Again, assuming you knew/remembered me what was I like in high school from YOUR perspective?
This has always interested me. For instance, when you meet someone or know someone, you know their quirks. You know what you like or don't like about them. You can point out their faults easily. However, we don't always see those same quirks in ourselves. We don't see WE are the weird ones. So, I am giving all you visitors that liberty. Please feel free to be as honest as necessary. Please know that I am prepared for anything that you may say. If it isn't that nice please know I am okay with that. I either deserve it (it's a long time coming) or I've changed and it doesn't apply anymore anyway.
Thank you for your time- or not, it's ultimately up to you. I'll track down your links and get the answers from you later anyway. (Totally just kidding- like I have that kind of time!) But it's interesting isn't it? We probably all have similar questions- I'll answer yours if you answer mine.
Thanks again and see you soon- Jen (and Nikki I copied it from you)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mater and Karson

Karson and his cat Mater he loves that cat and it is SOOOO funny to watch him crawl over to him. Way to go Mater to put up with ALL of what KArson throws your way. Keep going Scooter!

Camping '08

My dad, Kori, Chloee, and Corbin, then My mom and little sister Megan, and then There is Corbin again riding the scooter and he is pretty good.

So here we are camping Doug couldn't get off work so I tookthe kids up where my parents were for the day and they had fun here are some of the pics. My friend and her kids came up too we had a blast!

Dalton, Daxton, and Isaac playing in the river, they had so much fun and hardly ever got out

My Dad and Karson

Karson and his friend Elijah, who is only a week younger than he is. They are in the play pen with toys having fun.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crib for the first time?

Okay so I have to post this pic First of all this is Karson's first time in his crib asleep I know I just couldn't let him go. Yep that is right he has been in Doug and I's bed and WE love it. He was soooooo tired that I finally put him in his crib FEELING VERY BAD, and let him go to sleep he only cried a few minutes which was very surprising but I feel like I neg elected him. OHHHH soooo sad! Anyways Yes he is laying on an elephant who happens to be Horton (very cute he is) so I am hoping that he will now start taking naps in there and eventually at night (if I can handle it, it is killing me now that he is in his crib.) Yes I am a worrier. How cute is he? the cutest.

So needless to say ROUGH day for both mom and Karson. Some of you are wondering WHY well here's the deal I did it with Kori cause a lot of the time it was just her and I so no big deal then came the twins and there was NO way two in my bed at night they had each other to sleep with, then KArson and when we first brought him home the heater in the house wasn't working and it was October so not to cold but cold enough. and then it has just been habit. I have tried a few times at night but I can't SLEEP and Doug has a hard time too well also Karson he cried the other night for 15 min and I finally went and got him and he was happy and mom. he fell asleep right away on my shoulder. Yep LOVES his MOM!

Shopping cart cover

Wondering if anyone has a shopping cart cover they are wanting to get rid I would love it Karson can sit in a cart but YUCKY! So I need one and have been looking so Here I am I don't care what type just the one that covers all of the cart. Thanks. (here is what I am talking about.)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Search is OVER

Here is an update for everyone. I found her a karaoke machine and cd's. It is an american idol one and has two mics just what she wanted. It is also pretty dang cool because it can record her as she sings anyway don't any of you WORRY I got a good deal. Thanks to all of you and your comments. I will update later on how her party goes. I need LOTS of Luck or sanity not sure. LOL

Friday, July 18, 2008

Karaoke Desperately

So Kori wants to do a karaoke party but the problem being I don't have one so I am posting that if anyone has one or knows someone that I can buy from them I would love it. Email me and let me know.
Thanks and wish me luck

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So I must say that I am very proud of Doug, he is switching jobs so that our lives will be better. I know it is always hard to switch jobs and start new so Thanks Doug for all that you do for our family. You will do great. We love you.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy FOURTH of JULY!!!!

So here is a couple of pics of the kids when we were at the parade. Aren't they the cutest kids, I am a little biased. They always have so much fun at the parade and catch candy and whatever else they are throwing. I love the fourth but I hate the fact that summer is almost half over can you believe that. Well at least it was as hot as it has been in the past. The breeze was good and I got a spot under a tree. GO JEN!! I know I rock!! LOL Happy 4th and thanks to all of those serving in the military to fight for our freedom and their families we all love and thank you!


Let me just say how MAD i am I changed my background and all of my side bar erased. I have worked SOOOOO hard on this blog and I am very frustrated is there an easier way to get all of that back does anyone know. Just wanted to vent a little so thanks to all of those who are listening.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


So here's what we did yesterday: Doug crashed his motorcycle and here is the war wounds he is VERY LUCKY that it was only this. It could've been A LOT worse. Hey DUMB Head wear a helmet. His bike is fine and so now we are selling it I have enough with the stupid thing. Anyways Karson has mastered the straw adn figures that when he drinks from a starw then it is GOOOOOD STUFF!!!! It is so funny, he won't drink from a sippy cup but a straw water bottle and cup if I help him. HMMMM thinks he already big, it is going by to quickly. Hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth and SAFE.

Happy Birthday BRIT!!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that it is Brit's Birthday! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. You are a great friend, I hate that you moved and we can't have the late night hang outs in front of the town homes. Needless to say I miss you adn love you hope you had a fun day. I owe you lunch.