Thursday, November 6, 2008


Okay here it goes last night I went downstairs to fold laundry and Karson went with me (of course) and he kept going between the laundry room and Kori's room playing and having fun it was so cute to hear them laughing and playing together. As far as I knew they were still right there close, oh and the twins were upstairs, and they were supposed to be picking up their room (key word supposed) anyway the next thing I hear is BREATHE KARSON BREATHE KARSON, I drop everything and go running and I was running which felt like slow motion knowing that my baby was hurt and in what condition I did not know. Kori met me on the upstairs holding a limp baby, I was screaming so loud and Doug came running in and started yelling (which probably was not the best reaction but normal right?) Karson finally started whimpering but still pretty limp, knowing now that the boys had put him on the top bunk bed, let me remind you all I have real hard wood in my house, and he had fallen off no idea what or where he hit I called the Dr. of course bring him in this is 9:15 at night. You ask why are they not in bed who knows driving me crazy. I call my mom and ask her to go to the Dr. so Doug could stay home and take care of the kids well I have been obsessed with reading all these blogs with babies passing away (very sad but now I am very protective, I know I couldn't handle it, god bless to all those who do) I leave to take him to the Dr, oh and Kori decides to go so she can watch Karson in the back. She asks are you speeding. I say yes. Then she waits and is now crying again and says Mom if I say a prayer will that help him? I tell her I don't know but for sure but you can try. Anyways get to the Dr, NO they didn't take any x-rays, but he did give me the paper on concussions and whatever, anyways long story but he is okay and I waited the 24 hrs to write just to be sure, although he does have a golf ball size knot on the left lower part of his head and is not very happy when he has to lay on that side anyways no sleep for me last night, so I am hoping tonight goes better. Anyways Love to you all and I am headed to bed!!