Thursday, April 9, 2009

Twins baptism

Thanks so much to everyone that helped out they really had a good day. Thanks a whole bunch to Mandy for doing the pictures even though it was crazy. I love them.

Oh they are so funny I am not sure if they are so happy or ready to play with there friends!

All of us.

Jen, Doug, Daxton and Dalton. I think the boys were all a little nervous.

Papa B, Doug, Papa J, Daxton, and Dalton

Nana J, Papa J, Daxton, and Dalton

Papa B, Nana B, Daxton and Dalton

Daxton, Doug and Dalton

Dalton and Daxton


Ami said...

What a great day!! Wis hwe could have been there. Tell the boys how proud we are of them all.

Hales Family said...

That is so exciting! I think we saw your twin or do you have a sister on Sat? Anyways, she looked just like you.

Britney said...

Congratulatons Daxton and Dalton!!

kabil_peter said...

what a great day!!